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my blues

my blues

400 THB
by Natee Sridokmai (Uncle Tree)

"Even in sorrow, one may find beauty." The book is a poem collection of all things that happened in the life of Uncle Tree which sadness has brought him many emotions. Shades of the blue colour in this book not only represent his emotions but also his definition of life as written the last poem "Sorrow is the most beauty of all."

** This book is in Thai language **

screen-printed zine from 2 x A2 screens
on Eural Offset 130gsm (inside) / Burano Colour 250gsm (cover)
1/1-colour booklet, 28 pages, hand-bound
10.8 x 15cm
edition of 222

published by Charcoal Press
artwork / hand-printed by The Archivist

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