The Archivist


500 THB
by Nuttal

The art book is a love remembrance of Nuttal. Each emotion is transferred into a single colour then used for screen-printing. Overlaying one colour to another, "Pink is for love, blue is for sorrow. The two colours mixed together become purple. Purple is for my love one. Those times together were so crazy and unpredictable. I recreate the relationship in a book form and I chose to keep it the way it used to be." — Nuttal, from Bangkok Art Book Fair 2017 Showcase

2/2-colour screen-printed zine from 2 x A2 screens
on Cougar Smooth Natural 270gsm
16 pages, hand-bound
14.85 x 21 cm
edition of 36

Hand-printed by The Archivist
Published by Charcoal Press

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