The Archivist

The Archivist is a Bangkok-based screen print studio founded by a creative-designer duo, Min & Woon. With similar graphic design backgrounds, their working process focus on designing methods and procedures for printing in a systematical manner. Their studio originated since 2013 and is still growing steadily. The studio's purest intention is to collaborate with people from different fields, for instance, galleries, artists, designers, architects, musicians, as well as poets and writers. They sincerely believe that by working with all these talented, creative thinkers, it will not only be challenging and inspiring but beneficial in terms of gaining competent printing experiences in a short period of time.

The Archivist is a small sized studio that mainly uses water-based inks to create and sell hand-pulled screen prints. The prints in the shop are mostly a collaboration with either local or international artists. They have always value the importance of the “printing process” and the selection of high quality printing materials. Workshops are held continuously to share knowledge about diverse types of screen-printing.

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